Session 1: Web Application Security

Using an open source tool, we'll shed some light through the use of a demo on how you can detect common security issues within web applications. 

Session 2: Agility Beyond Campfire Romance

The discussion about agility appears often religiously dominated: Many proponents communicate agility rather dogmatic, one is either "for" or "against" it, old is "bad" and new is "good". A questioning of the agile values and practices and a comparison with other software development approaches is difficult in such an environment.

Sven Johann has intensively discussed these and other questions with experienced architects and agile practitioners and has came up with some "outside-the-box" answers, which didn’t make it into the general software process improvement discussion so far, his recent blog explains more but join the session to really get the inside story. 

WHERE: Trifork Amsterdam
WHEN: starting at 16.00 on THURSDAY 6th DECEMBER 2012

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