The Future of Cyber Protection for Mobile AppsHow is your app protected against malware?

In the financial sector, IT solutions and applications have become an essential part of every organisation. As a result, the ever-growing threat of malicious actors sabotaging these systems for various purposes is increasing. We have confirmed the vulnerability within the 500 most popular Android apps and how they were exploited. This can make your phone vulnerable to threats, hacking and attacks on your personal information, accounts, and business.

Malware can insert activities into other legitimate apps and gain permissions under the guise of a legitimate app to access sensitive data, such as login credentials, banking information, SMS, photos, contacts and more. It can also insert a fake login window on top of your apps to steal credentials and gain complete control over users account.

How do you protect yourself against these threats? In this event, we will introduce you to App Shielding, a game-changer in the security space. You will get an overview of what developments have made this technology available, how App Shielding can be used to protect your apps from Malware, and how it has changed the security perspectives of our customers.

This makes App Shielding a great way or protection your applications from being tampered with. The Trifork App Shielding Solution offers you a user-friendly solution model where the developers don't need to be experts on app security. It is fast, invisible to the end-users and quickly integrates into your app.

In this event, we will give you insight into the following:

  • Why is App Shielding important in a modern development environment?
  • Learn how App Shielding will protect your apps against malware 

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