Boost your data-driven sustainability efforts

A growing percentage of companies have committed to ambitious sustainability goals and meeting many of these goals require investments in technical solutions.

But not much happens without a compelling business case, so how do we identify and act on footprint reduction opportunities with an attractive ROI?  

At this event, we will share insights about two of our approaches:
- User adoption as a sustainability driver
- Trifork Footprint - the path toward sustainable operations

Our experts will share learnings from customer cases about energy optimization and the importance of smooth energy data acquisition (i.e. for ESG reporting) as well as research results that guide us toward digital products that users actually want and use, thereby reducing the enormous waste of software and hardware that, sadly, is the main story today.

Key take-aways:
- How to identify & prioritize resource optimization opportunities
- The importance of data for sustainable operations
- How to improve user adoption to increase sustainability

10th October in Copenhagen (Porten, Gdanskgade 2)
11th October in Aarhus (Dyssen 1)


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