Taking machine learning to the edge

Machine Learning has already proven helpful in increasing efficiency and cutting the costs of companies across many industries. The field is expanding rapidly, and so is the multitude of technologies available and potential uses for businesses. This event explores some of the new prominent applications of Machine Learning with Nvidia’s cutting-edge technologies and sheds light on Trifork and Nvidia’s newly-founded partnership.

At this event, we will introduce you to the concept of edge computing and elucidate how your business can use this technology to save time and cut costs. Through use cases and scenarios you will find how to maximize the value edge-computing can bring your business, you will learn how to evaluate potential gains when using this technology based on business cases and gain inspiration for you and your business.

Organizations characterized by high product volume, high labor costs, and repetitive work, such as manufacturing, have a high potential for automation using AI. Quality assurance and process surveillance are amongst these high-value targets, where automation is being introduced with AI supported by high computing power. This event provides a general introduction to the opportunities that manufacturing and logistics, amongst many others, are presented with by the recent technological advancements.

Join us for the event and gain the following insight:

  • What is edge computing and how can your business benefit from it

  • How Nvidia edge computing, training, and computing power is revolutionizing the industry

  • Concrete machine learning use-cases with key learnings and takeaways


christian lassen

Christian Lassen

Sr. Solution Architect, Nvidia

NRS event

Nicholai Stålung

Head of Data Science, Trifork


Line Christa Amanda Sørensen

CCO, Trifork

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