Let us discuss uniform governance and management across your application landscape

A 2-hour Cloud Governance date with Trifork will start your organization’s journey toward a uniform governance and management model across your application landscape.

A few years ago, Server Sprawl was much dreaded among IT-departments in organizations the world over. The cost of having multiple clusters of servers running at less than full capacity – without visibility into the scope of this problem – has been a headache for many IT Managers.

With most organizations transitioning into the cloud, Cloud Sprawl is the new Server Sprawl.

To add injury to insult, most enterprises lack the tools to effectively prevent Cloud Sprawl, due to the fragmented nature of developing or acquiring cloud applications.

Trifork Cloud Operations Readiness Review

Whether your applications are running in a hosted environment, in a single cloud or in a Multi Cloud setup, the 2-hour session will help you frame your thoughts on how your organization can leverage a single uniform governance model across all your applications. This will save you time and resources, and ensure, that you have an established model to apply to any future applications that you develop in-house or purchase from third party developers.

Outcome and next steps

Following the Cloud Governance Date with Trifork, you will receive a report with our recommendations. You can choose simply to just go along with that, or you can use it as a foundation for your future collaboration with us. 

If interested, please fill out the form on the right and we will contact you to set up our Cloud Governance Date.