Creating sustainable and efficient manufacturing with industry 4.0

The expectations for companies to deliver transparent production data on a large variety of parameters are increasing. Efficiency improvements are a driver for this, but improvements to flexibility and resilience are fast also becoming a major driver. And with the recent EU proposal for a Corporate Sustainability Reporting Directive (CSRD) regulators seek to push the trend further.

It is therefore of great internal value to a company to collect and actively work with data from their production and operations. Such data can for example be used to discover resource optimization opportunities and relieve pain points in production, leading to reduced production costs.

We understand that living up to these demands can seem daunting at first, which is why we have allied ourselves with FORCE Technology, industrial IoT experts. In this Tech Update, we will take you through and provide an overview of what you can do to automate data collection and start gaining detailed insight into the resource consumption of your production. As well as how you can scale and expand efforts as the need for further insights increases.

Join this Tech Update to hear about the following:

  • Digital Factory Mapping for more Sustainable Industrial Production
    Insights into how to increase productivity by 10-15% or reduce labour costs, based on state-of-the-art research. The Digital Factory Mapping approach supports the identification of the digitalization projects with the highest production improvement potential. 

  •  Activity Based Footprint - How resource efficient is your production?
    Optimize for cost and minimal environmental footprint using activity-level consumption data. The result can be used to label orders or items with an environmental footprint, revealing optimization opportunities, and leading to cost reduction.

  • Improve User Experience and become more efficient on the production floor
    Learn how to increase productivity, decrease faults and improve work satisfaction on the production floor by focusing on the users. Who are the users on the floor, what are their needs and how can their tasks be optimized with the right technology?


Michele coli

Michele Coli

Industrial IoT Specialist, FORCE Technology


Rasmus Agerholm

Technical Business Developer, Trifork


Anne Schiønning Larsen

Product Designer, Duckwise

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